Comparison Of Heating Alternatives

  • Air-to-air heat pumps Our Heat Pumps for your home can be supplied and installed for approx.  £ 2,000 - £ 3000 per unit (depending on model)      Installation cost £ 2,900    
  •  Air-to-water heat pumps These are more intrusive as you have to connect to your "wet" system. You would expect to pay £ 10,000 for installation. You will also need underfloor heating as these only give a water temperature of 40-50 degrees C, which is not enough for normal radiators.    Installation cost £ 10,000   
  • Ground source heat pumps These are even more intrusive With these you need to dig a large hole in the ground (50m²), so you need a large free piece of land and access for a 40 ton boring lorry. Expect to pay £ 30,000 for installation. As with air-to-water systems we will also need under floor heating (another £5,000).    Installation cost £ 35,000 -35% grant Total £22,750                                                      
  • Biomass heating With these you need to dig a large hopper (tank) to store pellets, so you need a big area and access. Expect to pay £ 12,000 for installation.      Installation cost £ 12,000-35% grant Total £7,800                                 
  • Water based Solar heating This involves installing 60-100 m² of panels on your roof, as well as extensive plumbing to connect them up to your "wet" system. You will also need a new hot water tank (dual core). They work reasonably well in the summer, but not all that well in winter.    Installation cost £ 25,000 -30% grant Total £17,500                                                                                                            
  •  Solar Photovoltaic’s   This involves installing an array of 5KWp solar panels on the roof, at a cost of £26,000. but bear in mind this does not provide heating just free electricity. So we would still need a heating system!           Installation cost £ 26,000 -50% grant Total £13,000    
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